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South Africa offers many opportunities, including the TETA Bursary Scheme, which aims to assist students from disadvantaged backgrounds who face financial challenges in achieving higher education.

Established on 1 April 2017, in collaboration with the Department of Terrestrial Energy and Science and Technology, the scheme provides financial assistance to eligible tertiary institutions. These institutions can receive a grant of up to Rs 100,000 per academic year, while public universities and vocational schools are not eligible for this assistance.

Eligible Criteria For TATA Funding –

TETA provides comprehensive financial assistance to eligible individuals.

  • Eligibility criteria for financial assistance from TETA include being a South African citizen.
  • Applicants must also meet the academic acceptance criteria set by WMU.
  • Individuals must be currently employed for at least 12 months.
  • A minimum of 3 years experience in the maritime sector in South Africa is required.
  • Consent of the current employer is required to start the program.
  • Applicants must ensure their ability to return to employment after completing the program.
  • Priority for funding will be given to women and individuals in middle management positions or above.
  • TETA is dedicated to supporting individuals who meet these needs.
  • Its objective is to provide financial assistance to those who are committed to furthering their education and career in the maritime sector.

Fields of Study Covered by the TETA Bursary –

The TETA Bursary covers various fields of study, including :

  •  Engineering disciplines covered by the TETA Bursary include civil, mechanical, electrical, and chemical engineering.
  •  Transport and logistics management studies are supported by the TETA Bursary.
  •  Maritime studies, focusing on seafaring operations like navigation and marine engineering, are included in the bursary.
  •  Aviation studies are part of the fields covered by the TETA Bursary.
  •  Supply chain management is a supported area under the TETA Bursary.
  •  Road traffic management studies are eligible for funding through the TETA Bursary.
  •  Information technology (IT) related to transportation and logistics is a field covered by the bursary.
  •  Occupational health and safety studies related to transportation and logistics are supported by the TETA Bursary.
  •  Environmental management studies related to transportation and logistics are included in the bursary’s coverage.
  •  Data Science is an important field supported by the TETA Bursary for analyzing large datasets in transportation optimization.
  • TETA bursaries have the potential to cover the costs of postgraduate studies, including Master’s or Ph.D. degrees, that focus on research topics related to the transport sector.

Apart from research topics in the transport sector, the TETA Bursary program also provides support for studies in other transport-related fields like risk management and health and safety management.

TETA Bursary Online Application Eligibility Criteria –

Here are the details on how to apply for the TETA Bursary in South Africa:

Before applying, make sure you meet the minimum requirements set by TETA. These are subject to change, so it is important to check their official resources for the latest information. Here’s a general idea based on publicly available information:

  • Become a South African citizen.
  • Age should be between 18 to 35 years (unemployed category). There may be different age limits for applicants employed under specific programs.
  • Be currently unemployed (for unemployed scholarship category). Employed applicants may exist under specific programs with different requirements.
  • Are currently studying at a public tertiary institution (University/University of Technology/TVET College/Accredited Flying School) in South Africa or intend to study in 2024?
  • Are studying or intend to study in a field of study related to the transportation sector (see my previous response for an example)

Application Process

  1. Download Guidelines: TETA provides bursary guidelines as a PDF document. Download and read this document carefully to understand the entire application process and requirements.

  2. Application User Manual: Apart from the guidelines, TETA may also offer a user manual with detailed instructions on filling out the application form. Also, check it out on their website.

  3. Application Form: Once you understand the requirements, find the TETA Bursary Application Form. This may be available online or may require contacting TETA directly.

  4. Submission: Double-check that your application is complete and includes all required documents. Submit your application following the instructions mentioned by TETA (online portal, mail, etc.).

Documents Required 

Prepare attested copies of all the required documents along with your filled application form. These generally include:

  • ID copy (yours and parent/guardian).
  • Proof of income (salary slip or affidavit if unemployed) or SASSA grant certificate.
  • Proof of application/registration/acceptance letter from your educational institution.
  • Matriculation certificate (or equivalent) and academic results (if applicable).
  • Death Certificate (if parent/guardian has died).
  • Quotation for tuition fees and accommodation (if applicable).
  • Financial Statements (optional).

Closing Date 

The closing date for the TETA Bursary Online Application is the end of August 2024. Kindly note that any applications received after this date will not be accepted.

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