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Jobjack, established in 2018, is an internet-based employment portal in South Africa designed to facilitate a swift and effortless job search process for individuals. This platform serves as a meeting point for job seekers and employers, offering its services at no cost to either party.

Employers are required to register by providing their contact information and setting up a company profile that outlines details such as the company name, address, and services provided. Upon successful registration, employers gain access to the ability to post job vacancies or browse through listings submitted by other users. The system ensures the secure handling of job applications through Jobjack’s platform.

Jobjack Register Online Login –

Accessing your JOBJACK account on the JOBJACK website or platform is known as JOBJACK Login. Users are required to input their username or email address along with their password to log in.

This enables them to utilize features like creating or managing job postings, exploring available job listings, and interacting with other users on the platform. Logging in is essential for both job seekers and employers utilizing JOBJACK’s services.

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Guide for Jobjack Login Step by Step –

Here’s a simpler version of the steps to log in to your JOBJACK account:

Step 1: Go to
Visit the JOBJACK website by typing into your web browser. Once you’re there, you’ll see options to either register for a new account or log in if you’re already registered.

Step 2: Enter Your Email and Password
If you’re already registered, click on the “login” button. Then, on the next page, enter the email address and password you used when you signed up. If you forgot your password, there’s a link to help you reset it.

Step 3: Click on “Log In”
After typing in your email and password, double-check to make sure they’re correct. Then, click on the “Log In” button. This will take you to your JOBJACK dashboard, where you can start looking for job opportunities.

Step 4: Explore Job Opportunities
Once you’re logged in, you can check out different job listings on JOBJACK. You can also set up job alerts, apply for jobs, and read reviews from employers.

Step 5: Log Out
When you’re done using JOBJACK, make sure to log out, especially if you’re using a shared device. Just click on the “logout” button at the top right corner of the JOBJACK homepage.

That’s it! Follow these steps, and you’ll be able to log in and start exploring job opportunities on JOBJACK.

About Jobjack –

JOBJACK, an online platform based in South Africa, was established in 2018 with the goal of connecting job seekers with entry-level job opportunities. Their primary objective is to combat unemployment by providing a more accessible and affordable job search and recruitment process.

Key Features of JOBJACK:

1. Focus on Entry-Level Jobs: JOBJACK specifically caters to individuals who are searching for jobs that typically do not require a college degree. This includes positions such as waiters, cashiers, administrative assistants, and entry-level sales roles.

2. Free Service: Both job seekers and employers can utilize JOBJACK’s services free of charge. Job seekers have the ability to create a profile, build a JOBJACK CV, and apply for jobs without any cost. Employers, on the other hand, can post job vacancies and access a pool of relevant candidates without having to pay any fees.

3. User-Friendly Platform: JOBJACK places a strong emphasis on providing a user-friendly platform for both job seekers and employers. They strive to make the registration and application process simple and easily accessible.

4. Social Impact: JOBJACK is driven by a social mission to reduce unemployment in South Africa. They have achieved notable success stories, showcasing the number of job seekers who have successfully found employment through their platform.

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