TSIBA Business School Applications Open for 2025 Apply Now

Are you passionate about business and driven to make a positive impact? Look no further than TSIBA Business School! Applications are now open for the 2025 academic year, offering a unique opportunity to gain a world-class business education with a focus on purpose and social responsibility.

Admission Criteria

Prospective students aiming to enroll in this program must have:

  • A National Senior Certificate (NSC) with a Bachelors Pass or be in the process of obtaining their NSC.
  • Achieve a minimum pass mark of 40% or higher in Mathematics OR a minimum pass mark of 80% or higher in Mathematical Literacy.
  • Attain a minimum pass mark of 50% or higher in English.
  •  Obtain a minimum of 27 points to qualify for admission to the TSIBA undergraduate degree

Eligibility Requirements for the Tsiba Bursary

  • Completion of Matric is mandatory.
  • A Bachelor’s degree endorsement or equivalent on the National Senior Certificate is required.
  • The total combined household income of your parent or guardian must be less than R350,000 per year (R29,165 per month) after tax.
  • For a full-cover scholarship, a minimum of 30 points on the TSIBA Points System is necessary.
  • For a partial scholarship, a minimum of 26 points on the TSIBA Points System is required.
  • A minimum result of 40% for Mathematics or 80% for Mathematical Literacy is needed.
  • A minimum result of 50% for English is also required.

TSIBA Business School Admission Process

Step 1: Obtain the application forms either in person from the School Office or online.

Step 2: Fill out the application form with all the required details.

Step 3: Ensure all necessary supporting documents are attached.

All new applicants for a qualification must provide the following certified documents:

  •  Certificates/Qualifications
  •  Recent Academic results
  •  A valid study permit (for foreign national students)
  • The South African Qualification Authority’s (SAQA) Evaluation Certificate (for foreign qualifications)

Step 4: Submit your completed application.

You will receive a confirmation email containing all the relevant application details. 

As a new or current student, you can access the TSIBA Education Online Application Portal using your mobile phone or computer to guide you through the online registration process.

Course offered By TSIBA

TSIBA School provides two primary programs for students:

1. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Entrepreneurial Leadership: This undergraduate degree program spans four years and aims to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in the business field. With a strong emphasis on entrepreneurship and leadership, the program prepares students for diverse career opportunities within the business world.

2. Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration (PDBA): Designed for individuals who already hold a bachelor’s degree in business or a related discipline, this one-year postgraduate program offers advanced knowledge and skills to enhance career prospects. The PDBA empowers students to elevate their professional trajectory.

In addition to these core programs, TSIBA Business School also provides a range of short courses in leadership, entrepreneurship, and commerce. These courses are specifically designed to assist professionals in acquiring new skills and knowledge to further their professional development.

Fees Structure 

All courses at TSIBA require the payment of an application fee and a minimal initial payment.

Application fee – A non-refundable application fee of R 100 is necessary for the processing of all applications to TSIBA Business School.

Minimum Initial Payment (MIP) – Upon provisional acceptance to TSIBA, a minimum non-refundable initial payment of R 500 must be made. It is important to note that the MIP will be deducted from fees upon registration.

New Students are expected to pay 33% of the Semester 1 fee in advance, with the remaining amount (including any outstanding debt) to be paid in a maximum of 3 equal monthly installments by the end of the semester.

Students who are unable to make an upfront payment will need to secure a student loan with favorable terms through our partner institutions (Manati or Capitec Bank), or any other preferred financial institution.

Upfront payment – A 10% discount will be applied to the total Semester 1 fees for students who make a full upfront payment.

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