SA Tourism Graduate Internship Programme 2024/25 | Apply Now

Applications for the South Africa (SA) Tourism Graduate Internship Programme are currently being accepted. This internship provides unemployed South African graduates with the chance to acquire practical work experience in the Tourism Sector. The Graduate Internship Programme is designed to be intensive and cross-functional, offering a valuable opportunity for professional

Various opportunities are available in different business units and fields of study, including Human Capital, Internal Audit, Finance, Tourism Execution, Analytics, and Insights, as well as Strategic Planning, Evaluation, and Project Management.


Applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree or higher and have completed at least three (3) years of tertiary studies. Alternatively, applicants who are in the process of completing their tertiary studies and have work experience are also eligible. It is important to note that applicants should not have any prior experience in an internship program.

Ideal Profile Requirement 

  • – Enthusiastic about exploring new destinations and experiencing different cultures.
  • – Excitement to take on new opportunities and overcome obstacles.
  • – Vigor and dedication to maintaining exceptional standards.
  • – Adaptability and success in dynamic and fast-moving settings.
  • – Excellent interpersonal, leadership, and persuasive abilities.
  • – Proficient in written and spoken English communication.
  • – Capable of working autonomously and collaboratively.
  • – Avid interest in conducting research and analyzing data.
  • – Keenness for cross-functional collaboration and learning.
  • – Strong desire to broaden knowledge and skills in various areas.

SA Tourism Graduate Internship Programme Application Process

To apply for the SA Tourism Graduate Internship Programme, follow these steps:


    1. Verify eligibility requirements by meeting educational prerequisites and other specified conditions.

  • 2. Access the SA Tourism website and locate the program within the “Careers” or “Opportunities” section.
  • 3. Review application information, including application deadlines, required paperwork, and other relevant details.
  • 4. Organize necessary documents, such as CV, academic records, cover letter, and other requested materials.
  • 5. Submit your application following the website’s instructions, which may involve completing an online form and uploading necessary documents.
  • 6. Monitor your application progress and follow up if you don’t receive a response within a reasonable timeframe.
  • 7. Prepare for potential interviews by researching SA Tourism, understanding the position, and practicing responses to common interview questions.
  • 8. Attend scheduled interviews, ensuring professional attire, punctuality, and readiness to discuss qualifications.
  • 9. Await a decision from SA Tourism regarding the status of your application.

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