Boland College Online Application Open For 2nd Semester 2024-2025 Admission

The Boland TVET College is currently accepting online applications for the academic year 2024-2025. Specifically, applications for Semester 2 in 2024 are now open starting from April 13th, 2024. If you are interested in enrolling for Semester 2, you are encouraged to submit your application promptly.

It is important to note that all prospective students who wish to study at Boland TVET College for the 2024 intake must apply for admission before the specified closing date or deadline. Please be aware that late applications will not be accepted by Boland TVET College for the 2024 admission, so it is highly recommended that applicants apply on time to avoid any potential disappointment.

Documents Required for Online Applications:

  • 1. Certified Copy of Identification: You must provide a certified copy of your South African ID book or passport.

  • 2. Certified Copy of Matric Certificate or Grade 11 Final Report: Depending on your academic status, you will need to submit either your final matric certificate (if you have completed Grade 12) or your Grade 11 final report (if you are applying based on that).

  • 3. Proof of Address: Boland College does not accept affidavits or municipal letters as proof of residence. You must submit an official bank letter or account statement that confirms your current address.

  • 4. Employer Letter (National Diploma Applicants): For those applying for a National Diploma program (N4-N6) with relevant work experience, a letter from your employer can enhance your application. This letter should be on your employer’s letterhead and include the dates of your employment, the field of work related to your chosen program, and a description of your responsibilities.

  • 5. Certificate of Service (National Diploma Applicants): Some National Diploma programs may require a Certificate of Service in addition to the employer letter, confirming your employment duration (typically more than 18 months).

How To Apply Online At Boland College

  1. Please follow the steps outlined below to submit an online application to Boland TVET College for the 2024 intake:
  •  Visit the Boland College website at
  •  Select “Study Here” from the top menu on the page
  •  Proceed to click on the “Apply Now” link
  •  Carefully read the online application instructions provided
  •  Ensure all required documents are filled in the provided spaces
  •  Select a course that you are most qualified to apply for
  •  Upload essential documents such as a Valid ID, certified Results, or certificate
  •  Include the IDs of parents and/or guardians or a death certificate where applicable
  •  International students should provide their passport ID where necessary
  •  Finally, complete and submit your application for review.

Boland College Online Application Open- Closed Date

The application portal is now available and can be accessed via the Boland College website. Ensure to submit your application before the deadline on May 31st, 2024, to avoid any delays.

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