WCED School Admission Late Applications Closing Soon For 2024-2025 Apply Now

The WCED has experienced an unprecedented surge in applications for Grade 1 and 8 students for the upcoming academic year of 2025. Although the designated application period concluded on Friday, 12 April 2024, parents who missed the deadline can still submit a late application. 

Applications Apply Process –

Below is a simplified version of the process for signing up and applying for school:

New User Registration:

  • 1. Visit the WCED admissions website. 
  • 2. Click on “Sign Up as a Parent”. 
  • 3. Carefully read the rules. 
  • 4. Complete the form, create a password, and answer security questions. 
  • 5. Confirm your registration through a text message.

School Application:

1. Log in to your account.

  • Enter your ID and password. 
  • Agree to the displayed message.

2. Set up the Parent/Guardian Profile.

  • Fill in all the required fields (marked with a red star) for the main parent/guardian. 
  • Provide accurate contact details (phone numbers and addresses).
    Save your information and return to the previous page.

3. Apply for Your Child (Grades 1 & 8 Only).

  • Click on “Apply for Your Child”. 
  • Select the grade (1 or 8). 
  • If your child attended a WCED school/preschool, enter their ID/passport/Semus number. Otherwise, start a new application. 
  • Complete your child’s profile, including their address (which must be in the Western Cape). 
  • Provide details such as the highest grade completed (for Grade 8) and the language of instruction. 
  • Select any additional programs your child may require (e.g., sports).

4. Choose Preferred Schools.

  • Read about Focus Schools (which have special admission rules). 
  • Search for schools by name, town, or type (e.g., Secondary School).
    Add up to 10 schools in order of preference (use the yellow box).

5. Submit Required Documents.

  • Scan and upload certified copies of documents (e.g., ID, proof of address, report card).

6. Submit Your Application.

  • Read and agree to the Declaration. 
  • Submit your application. You will receive a confirmation and a learner CEMIS number. 
  • Once the application is submitted, parents can check its status using the learner’s CEMIS number. If your child is accepted, follow the school’s instructions to submit certified copies of the required documents.

WCED School Admission Late Applications Closing Date

Late applications for the WCED will be considered until 12 May 2024, but they will only be reviewed after the on-time applications have been processed. The application period for Grade R and transfers for Grades 2-7 and 9-11 will run from 1 August to 16 August 2024.

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